- video 8’53’’
- 10 screen-abstractions 120x160cm
- 8 mixed-media boxes 42x55cm, many-layers author’s technique (print, paint marker, laquer, acrilic glass, wood box), pocket flashlight
- installation from found objects 4х2,5х2,5m
- map of associations
- artist book
Mixed media In different type of lighting: flashlight and daylight
     The work occured a result of research of human perception through the visual information, their space exploration, recoding environment. Human vision is no longer perceived as a vision of the projection of world, but becomes hybrid under technology influence, shifting to internal sensations:touch and kinesthetics.
       Project relevance was proven by the last year COVID situation, when the total mediation by machine vision of digital cameras changed the" picture of the world " of many people.
       The artist wandered at night with a flashlight in the city forest-park, dual space: the forest is a world beyond the people willing and the park is developed, re-encoded area for recreation and entertainment. The work is based on documentation for 2.5 years, the objects from the screenshots of the video and the objects found.
       Viewers are given flashlights, which they use to develop images and highlight objects, affecting the installation view.
mages with "natural signs" hover on large translucent abstract-screen canvases. Human "artifacts" elude the eye in boxes-theaters. The images in the boxes are printed in a special multi-layer technique and change in the light of flashlight or sun. There're documentation in form of plotless floating. Sound complements the immateriality of moving images by real sounds of rain, footsteps, Earth sound from the space and organ improvisation. Found in forest-park objects form a separate altar space.
      The viewer finds himself in the situation of time-based media unfolding around him and becomes almost a quantum observer among the puzzle frames. It is left to glide over the gloss of the endless layering digital images that disperse reality.