Visual&sound installation
9 photograms 31x61 cm, 3 photograms 20x61 cm fiber/baryta base, 
3 photograms 24x70 cm rc base
8 channel sound sculpture (sound cave)
     The work is based on the photogram technique and visual images translation into sound.
The photograms taken in the river water from different places of the Moskva River, each has GPS coordinates.
    On the photos you can visually distinguish pieces of river ice, caught in the river of salt and gravel from the Moscow streets, another suspension among the characteristic structure of the river flow, waves and water funnels.
     At the same time, the photograms are designed to see how the Moscow river sounds- the computer program reads and transforms graphic waves as sonograms. What does it appear- noise, sound, music? But exactly, it allows you to get new connotations of portreit, to return a temporary continuum and sensations to an instant cast.