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The New Semiotics Of The River M.

The project consists of three series and is based on the photogram technique. River water is a source, resource, it absorbs noise and traces of life in the modern metropolis. The images reflect the structure and sound of the Moscow River that crosses the huge city. Not only being a resource the river also absorbs the noise and traces of a modern city.

In an attempt to avoid objectifying nature - looking at it from the point of view of aesthetics, pleasure, its consuming  - I become a medium who transfers power to the elements, allowing phenomena that are inaccessible to the human eye to appear visually on photograms. 
A photopaper put in contact with river water allows you to precisely capture the physical and chemical properties of the elusive structure. A photogram turns into a portrait in the form of a dead mask untouched by subjective perception or technical devices and optics.