The New Semiotics Of The River M.

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Through her performative practice the artist moves away from the dichotomous juxtaposition of human and nature, which is especially evident in the metropolis. The Moscow-river manifests itself visually and audibly on an equal footing with a person – as a subject.
This interaction is based on the process of obtaining images: on a moonlit night, paper with a photosensitive layer is immersed in a river and illuminated by the light of the moon. There are no a camera, optics, devices – only natural forces.
Streams of water, funnels, pieces of ice, a suspension of salt and gravel, parts of coastal plants leave images on the surface of photo paper.
Direct contact of the photoemulsion with river water and the biological medium allows you to accurately visualize the physical and chemical properties of the structure that escapes the human eye. Like death masks, the resulting images are portrait-accurate, unique in the moment and are not mediated by the subjective human gaze or technical devices.