Moonograms are photographic direct prints that are obtained without a camera when interacting with the moon and water. On moonlit nights, the artist immerses sheets of paper with photosensitive silver emulsion into a natural reservoir and highlights them with the light of the Moon, then develops and fixes them.
With this technique, elements illuminated by moonlight are accurately and without optical distortion recorded on photographic paper - what was in direct contact with it and what is usually hidden from the human eye: the internal structure of water, suspension, algae, the nature of the current, etc. Each image is unique and inimitable, it is an imprint of the internal landscape of a natural reservoir, which develops depending on the natural and cosmic conditions at the moment. The lunogram manifests and records, as a document, the meeting of phenomena that are not large-scale to man: moonlight and an array of water.
Moonograms have already been made in the Moscow River, the Yenisei, in the Mediterranean Sea, where Venus was born, as well as in the poisonous lakes of abandoned quarries. The sections below show moonograms and video documentation of various reservoirs.