immanentscape of mine eyes

immanentscape of mine eyes
One of the Cyprus lakes in abandoned mine is called the Eye of Cyprus. In fact, Cyprus has many eyes — red, green, blue — that look at us from maps. 
The eye itself is considered in our culture a symbol of knowledge. Optical metaphors permeate the history of Western philosophy, in which knowledge is literally associated with vision, point and field of view. Thus, mines can be perceived in the usual way, through a cursory glance. And of course, such objects have a special "beauty" due to the attractive graphics of counter forms. But, at the same time, a kind of touch of the missing substance of these objects evokes a resonant premonition that "beauty" can only intensify the collective blindness. 
The place here appears and manifests itself as a void flooded with water. It is in such places that aesthetic objects, ethical objects and a gap converge at one point, highlighting the ambivalence of the relationship between human and nature.
The artist interacts performatively with elements of these mines. The process is based on a special type of image capture and its further translation into sound. Photosensitive paper is immersed in water on a moonlit night. Direct contact of the emulsion with mine water allows accurate visualization of the physical and chemical properties of the structures that elude the human eye. There is no camera, optics, devices, but there are only effects and reactions of nature to interaction with the artist. Quoting the artist: ‘The resulting images and sounds are evidence of the phenomena of water and moonlight as hyperobjects that we may not fully understand, but on which we depend’.

Project made for the residence POLYPHONIZE Cyprus