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Being an artist, Larisa often uses the flow of various media: a photo passes into an object, is completed with a video or audio installation, hand-made author's books reassemble heterogeneous material in a tete-a-tete conversation with the viewer.
The sphere of her interest comprises the questions about communications changings between persons and their environment, also social, psychological and other issue of human perception formation.
    Multilayering, transition of internal to external and backwards, instability, instant editing, opening up new meaning into gaps, changing the view of installation in time and depending on the viewer behavior are characteristic spatial features of her installation space.
    Analog processes for obtaining photographic images are of particular interest to her. By rethought and revising these slow "outdated" technologies give incredible opportunities to the artist and are therefore relevant. They temporality differs from high speeds nowadays, so allows the nature of human and the world around to manifest themself in a new way.
    In January 2018 I won «TAKE OFF» competition and presented the personal exhibition ‘Retina’ at VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre), Moscow. Curator Olga Shishko says about the exhibition: «Larisa Fedotova continues experimenting with the definition of the boarders of the inner and the outer and explores a ‘new vision’. The vision is no longer perceived as a geometrical projection of the visible world’s reflection; instead, it shifts into the internal body sensations, such as tactility and kinaesthetics. Besides attempting to go beyond perception of reality, which is what can be observed physically, Larisa seeks to transform the mere act of seeing into an experience of intellect. ‘Retina’ showcases a gap between reality, perception and image.»
    In 2015 my work ‘Paper boats’ was selected for participate in VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, parallel program ‘Event horizons’. In 2018 I re-implemented wide-scale my work ‘Behind the event horizon’ in The State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg. This work was based on happenings involving many random people near canals banks in Saint-Petersburg, then wide-scale interactive installation was realized in The General Staff Building of The Hermitage.

Solo shows:
2018 ‘Retina’ at VDNKh (All-Russia Exhibition Centre), Moscow
2017 'Orange day', Polosa Shafrana Studio, Moscow
Selected group exhibitions:
2020 The Moscow Art Prize, Zaryadye media centre, Moscow
2020 Remote intimacy Vol.3 Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin
2020 «Actual Russia: art of memory», Zaryadye media centre, Moscow
2019-2020 "Pro&Contra" at project "Artstudio XXI", Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Vladimir, Toliatti, Stavropol
2019 ‘New semiotics of River M.’, Belgrade Photo Month
2018 ‘Interventions. Act by the rules and without’, The General Staff Building of The State Hermitage
          Museum, Saint-Petersburg
2018 International festival of contemporary art ‘Art-subject’, Vladimir
2017 ‘Unstable equilibrium’ public art project in International University of Moscow
2016 ‘It can exist’, Moscow Manege Association, ‘Rabochiy and Kolkhoznitsa’
2016 ‘’ Artplay gallery, Moscow
2016 ‘’ Artplay gallery, Moscow
2015 ‘Event horizons’, VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, parallel program
2015 The Central House of Cinema ‘The world that was saved’ Moscow, Russia
2014-2015 FOUNDART held in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg- Russia, Minsk- Belarus